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   Long-time Immigrants almost as concerned about immigration as UK-born people, study shows    Handwritten Passports to be phased out by November 2015    Close International Ties Korea-Russia Visa Exemption Goes into Effect    Pak-India mediamen demand easy Visa policy    Australian Passports may include voice and eye scans
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New ZealandNew ZealandApr 16, 2014Asia Region Funds Passport
CanadaCanadaApr 14, 2014Indo-Canadian immigration continues to grow
FinlandFinlandApr 14, 2014Changes in customer service 17.4
IndonesiaIndonesiaApr 14, 2014Jakarta VAC moves premises
Russian FederationRussian FederationApr 14, 2014Over 100,000 Russian Passports sent to Crimea - Migration service
EstoniaEstoniaApr 11, 2014Estonia opens Honorary Consulate in Boston
ItalyItalyApr 11, 2014Italy liberalizes Visa process across China
Russian FederationRussian FederationApr 11, 2014Russia, China to have less Visa formalities since April 26
UkraineUkraineApr 11, 2014Parliament to pass package of bills for Visa liberalization with EU soon - Turchyno
ChinaChinaApr 10, 2014Chengdu Visa-free policy fuels more tourism
EcuadorEcuadorApr 10, 2014Ecuador to open Embassy in Algiers this Year
UkraineUkraineApr 10, 2014Ukraine may get Visa-free regime with EU this year - Poroshenko
United StatesUnited StatesApr 10, 2014USCIS Reaches FY 2015 H-1B Cap
United KingdomUnited KingdomApr 09, 2014UK Visa center opens doors in Shanghai
KenyaKenyaApr 09, 2014Kenya opens Embassy in Ankara
United StatesUnited StatesApr 09, 2014Visa Bulletin For May 2014
GeorgiaGeorgiaApr 08, 2014Embassy closed on April 9
IsraelIsraelApr 08, 2014Georgia, Israel discuss intensification of bilateral relations
Russian FederationRussian FederationApr 08, 2014Over 13,000 Russian Passports issued in Crimea daily - Russia’s Migration service
SomaliaSomaliaApr 08, 2014Queue of applications for Somalis on the basis of family ties
PhilippinesPhilippinesApr 07, 2014Embassy Closed on Wednesday, 09 April 2014
PhilippinesPhilippinesApr 07, 2014To All Applicants Who Have a Scheduled Appointment for Passport Renewal at the Philippine Consulate in Copenhagen on 12-13 April 2014
Saudi ArabiaSaudi ArabiaApr 07, 2014List of Passport Applicants for EOW Al Khobar on 11-12 April 2014
Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Apr 07, 2014Festive opening of Honorary Consulate in Odessa hosted by Minister Lajcak
United StatesUnited StatesApr 07, 2014USCIS Reaches FY 2015 H-1B Cap
ChinaChinaApr 05, 2014Xi'an allows 72-hr Visa exemptions
Russian FederationRussian FederationApr 04, 2014Information about Russian Passports issuance in Georgia to be verified
Russian FederationRussian FederationApr 04, 2014More than 40,000 Russian Passports issued in Crimea - Federal Migration Service
UkraineUkraineApr 04, 2014Crimea proposes lifting Visas for tourists
ArmeniaArmeniaApr 03, 2014Armenians in Georgia are issued Russian Passports
New ZealandNew ZealandApr 03, 2014New Zealand Residence Programme - Investor (Investor 2 category)
New ZealandNew ZealandApr 03, 2014New Zealand Residence Programme - Skilled Migrant Category fortnightly selection
New ZealandNew ZealandApr 03, 2014Working Holiday Schemes must be submitted online from 18 April 2014
SwedenSwedenApr 03, 2014Consular outreach in Stockholm, Sweden 3-4 May 2014
AustraliaAustraliaApr 02, 2014INSZoom Updates Fifty One Application Forms for Australia
BulgariaBulgariaApr 02, 2014Bulgaria to facilitate issue of entry Visas for Russians
CanadaCanadaApr 02, 2014INSZoom Updates Nineteen Application Forms for Canada
ChinaChinaApr 02, 2014Proposals on Schengen Visa simplification to be useful for Azerbaijani citizens
United KingdomUnited KingdomApr 02, 2014INSZoom Updates an Application Form for United Kingdom
MalaysiaMalaysiaApr 02, 2014Malaysian Embassy opened in Azerbaijan
New ZealandNew ZealandApr 02, 2014INSZoom Updates Three Application Forms for New Zealand
Russian FederationRussian FederationApr 02, 2014EU realizes changes in Visa policy needed, hopes to attract more tourists
United StatesUnited StatesApr 02, 2014INSZoom Updates Four Application Forms for United States
Costa RicaCosta RicaApr 01, 2014Costa Rica cancels Visa requirements for Russian citizens
FinlandFinlandApr 01, 2014Queues of citizenship applications, April 2014
Russian FederationRussian FederationApr 01, 2014Foreigners to need Russian Visas to visit Crimea
United StatesUnited StatesApr 01, 2014USCIS Announces Citizenship and Integration Grant Opportunity
Russian FederationRussian FederationMar 31, 2014Now foreigners need Russian Visas to visit Crimea - Russian Foreign Ministry
Russian FederationRussian FederationMar 31, 2014Some 15,000 Russian Passports issued in Crimea, Sevastopol
UkraineUkraineMar 31, 2014Ukrainian Passports of Crimean residents remain valid after receiving Russian citizenship